Wistron AiEdge Corporation Launches ZigNeurons, ZigFleet, and ZigRail, a Suite of AI-Powered Intelligent Mobility Solutions - The News Lens International Edition

2022-09-17 03:59:05 By : Ms. Meryl Zhu

The Mobility Solutions are focused on optimizing profitability & efficiency while lessening emissions impact of fleet and railway operations.

September 18, 2022, ITS World Congress, Los Angeles - Wistron AiEdge Corporation has unveiled three breakthrough solutions aimed at supporting its vision of making mobility smarter, more efficient and greener. ZigNeurons is the core AI application development platform powered by AI and adaptive machine learning methodology serving as the foundation of custom mobility solutions that aim to take advantage of advanced vision recognition, and data pattern analytic systems. ZigFleet is a data-driven fleet management platform that effectively reduces traffic accidents, with AI-powered advanced features, it proactively coaches drivers, and improves the efficiency of energy consumption. And ZigRail is a cloud management platform empowered with high-definition positioning and intelligent AI applications that forms a foundation of smart railway transportation of the future.

For the last 6 months, the three solutions have been undergoing field testing in Taiwan’s world class railway services providers and fleet management organizations. The early results have shown AI-powered solutions along with sensor fusion technology to offer superior accuracy and agility to adapt to changes when implemented to perform key inspection and management tasks in the field.

Hui-Sheng Feng, Deputy Director General of Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC, commented on the technology:

“We see tremendous potential with the role ZigRail and HDPS, High Definition Positioning System, will play in helping our operations function more efficiently. Our early experience with ZigRail indicates that knowing the information such as accurate train position, block section, milepost, running track and direction status plays an important part of our train control and data processing. We see this as a fundamental part to the future implementation of intelligent train data collection and decision making platform after verification and validation. And we expect superior accuracy leading to a better safety record and a more efficient way to perform key tasks.”

The three solutions all leverage adaptive machine learning AI service as a core technology enabler, but differ with regards to the types of challenges they aim to solve.

ZigNeurons focuses on development of custom mobility solutions for businesses across mobility industries that want to leverage our expertise rather than undertaking the expensive, risky and long process of building in-house AI development teams. It addresses business or operational inefficiency issues in organizations via the development of AI-powered applications that can save money, decrease energy usage, improve safety, and optimize the use of all your resources.

ZigFleet focuses on helping fleet managers with the issues of: 1) Driver and fleet safety by utilizing AI and visual recognition technology within your vehicles to help alert and guide drivers; 2) Accelerates your driver training and keeps their competence high by analyzing and guiding their driving habits, as well as providing management with actionable data about poor driving behavior; And 3) Keeps your fleet energy costs lower and ensures a longer lifetime of the batteries by optimizing their charging schedules.

ZigRail focuses on helping railway operations managers by: 1) Providing the accurate position using sensor fusion and seamless positioning technology; 2) Helping monitor track and all asset conditions with precise positioning to identify any abnormalities in real time. And 3) Providing management with a comprehensive operational dashboard of entire railway operations.

Edgar Chang, CEO of Wistron AiEdge Corporation, summarized the technological benefits of the three solutions:

“With advanced AI-empowered technologies like adaptive machine learning AI DevOps, smart coaching, intelligent energy management, seamless and precise positioning, we hope to provide mobility operation companies in the railway and fleet industries all the services they need to embrace a more efficient, profitable and greener future.”

The suite of Intelligent Mobility Solutions are slated for customer availability in Q4 of 2022 with an initial focus on the Indian, Asian, and North American markets. More detailed technical information as well as contact information is available at https://wistronaiedge.com/.